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Playroom and playtime ideas for your little ones

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Creative and engaging playroom ideas and activities to fit even the smallest spaces and budgets

Play room ideas

Playroom ideas your little ones will love. How to create an inviting, well organised playroom or play space for your little ones, including where to purchase all the bits and pieces you need.

Montessori Learning

Helping you create an environment and provide activities that will nurture and develop your child's independence, creativity and concentration.

Sensory Play

Easy and affordable sensory play ideas. Must haves for sensory play, including the Ikea sensory table and the many ways your toddler can enjoy hours on end with simple engaging activities

Instagram Vs Reality

What we all want, compared to what we can achieve

Realistically, most of us don’t have the money, or the space to create the perfect, Instagram-worthy, Pinterest-perfect playroom. Most of us these days are living in smaller houses than what we grew up in, and with the cost of living going through the roof, we can’t always afford (or justify) the kind of big dollars you have to spend on the fancy toys that are available to our little ones…no matter how beautiful they are! That’s where we want to help. Creating similar playrooms and similar play ideas, but without having to always spend top dollar. 
Open ended wooden toys

Play inspiration