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A little bit about me...

Who am I?

I am a Melbourne mum to two beautiful girls. I have a daughter who recently turned two, and a fresh little newborn bundle who is only a few weeks old as I write this! I am also a qualified primary school teacher and I have worked in the classroom since 2014. Prior to my journey as an educator, I spent time at university completing a bachelor degree in psychology, which sparked my interest in child development and led me to my studies in the field of education and later to become a passionate primary school teacher.
I have only recently left the classroom for the arrival of my second daughter, and I am now enjoying the time at home helping my daughters bond, providing rich learning opportunities through play, and cherishing all the special moments that come with having young children.


My background in education has certainly been beneficial when I think about who I have become as a mother. I am very appreciative of all the professional learning I had access to during my teaching years as I truly believe it has had a strong influence on the type of parent I have become. Over the years, I have loved being a part of the Berry Street Educational Model training within our school. This educational model focuses on increasing student engagement within the school setting, but also focuses deeply on relationships, self-regulation and overall growth and wellbeing. Although a lot of this practice is tailored towards students who often have complex unmet needs, including childhood trauma, I have found that the vast majority of these strategies can be applied to young toddlers. They too, are still learning to self regulate, require an abundance of positive reinforcement and benefit greatly from the rich discussions around emotions, character strengths and the values that align with the teaching model such as gratitude and resilience. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to hear Dr Tom Brunzell from Berry Street present, would know just how influential and incredible the work is that he represents.

My Village

I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many like-minded people in my life. My ‘village’ who are helping raise my children, share and support many of the views and beliefs that my husband and I have. When I returned to teaching after maternity leave, my eldest daughter would spend two days with my parents, her grandparents. Between the two of them, they share over 60 years experience in teaching and education, and I see how much my daughter learns and grows whilst she is in their care. It seems every time I pick her up from spending time with her grandparents, her language seems to have developed and improved, and she’s always been exposed to an abundance of rich learning opportunities, which to her, are nothing more than fun games and activities she gets to enjoy with her grandparents! She often comes home with special artwork, or treats that she has baked, or pictures of her enjoying the different experiences such as gardening, picking lemons, sorting toys, playing pretend in her play kitchen, or taking a train ride to the shops purely to experience the train itself. I am forever grateful to have such wonderful people influencing my children’s lives so heavily.

My wishes

I love creating opportunities for engaging play, where learning naturally takes place. I want to promote and foster curiosity, resilience and independence as my daughters learn to play alone, alongside others, and with others. I want my children to be kind, to be considerate and empathetic. I want them to be gentle and understanding, and to appreciate what they have. We live in a world where we have access to everything we want. We live privileged lives. Things are disposable, money, clothes, toys etc. I want my children to value what they have and be mindful of what others might not. I want them to accept others for who they are, and to accept themselves for who they are too. I want them to know that fair doesn’t mean everyone gets the same, but rather fair means that everyone gets what they need. It is a scary thought navigating this world with young children. Although we are so fortunate that technology has come as far as it has, it also scares me!


Motherhood is hard. But it is the most rewarding and fulfilling job in the world and I love it.
Some of my favourite moments from motherhood so far are:

  • The moment my daughter first looked at me and said the words ‘I love you’ without me saying them to her first.
  • The little smile I always get when I go in to get my daughter after a nap.
  • Childbirth. How incredible to be able to bring a child into the world. Everything about childbirth amazes me!
  • When I catch my daughter saying things I know I say myself. The day she met her baby sister she looked at her, held her hand and said “It’s okay darling” to sooth her from crying…and my heart melted.
  • Feeling my newborn’s tiny body relax against mine after a feed in the middle of the night.
  • Simple things like sitting together at a cafe to enjoy a coffee and a babychino and feeling completely present with my two girls.

And so much more…